Wallingford Boys and Girls Club

Management Staff


Meghan Sweet, Club Director, 206-436-1932, msweet@positiveplace.org


Adam Monda, Senior Program Director, 206-436-1935, amonda@positiveplace.org


Eric Kirby, Program Director, 206-436-1936, ekirby@positiveplace.org


Kevin Braswell, Teen Director, 206-436-1933, kbraswell@positiveplace.org


Bailee Martin, Education Director, 206-436-1936, bmartin@positiveplace.org 


Tanya Larkin, Director of Early Learning & Child Care NE Region, 206-526-1357, tlarkin@positiveplace.org



Administrative Offices

1310 N 45th St.

Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: 206-436-1930
Fax: 206-547-2137

Main Club - Mailing Address
P.O. Box 31760
Seattle, WA 98103  

Monetary Donations
Please contact Meghan Sweet at 206-436-1932 or email msweet@positiveplace.org.  Gifts of stock, credit card transactions, and planned gifts are welcome.

Please visit the jobs section of our website to review current openings or contact Adam Monda at 206-436-1935 or email  amonda@positiveplace.org.



To inquire about possible opportunities volunteering directly with youth, please contact Bailee Martin at 206-436-1936 or email bmartin@positiveplace.org 


Board of Directors

If you are interested in getting more information about the Club's advisory board, or about potentially joining the advisory board, please contact Meghan Sweet at 206-436-1932 or email msweet@positiveplace.org.

Please contact Meghan Sweet at 206-436-1932 or email msweet@positiveplace.org


Rental Information

For information about renting gym or facility space at our Burke 45th Street site, please contact Meghan Sweet at 206-436-1932 or email msweet@positiveplace.org.





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